Band Karate

The martial arts belt system is used in training to mark the progress a student has made in their study. Similarly, display your proficiency on your instrument by earning belts for Band Karate!

Everyone must complete ALL objectives in order to earn a belt. These objectives will be entered into the grade book as playing test grades.

Students who receive their Black Belt will be recognized on the band website ( and at the end-of-year Band Party.

Band Karate and official playing tests will be used in determining chair placement and section leaders for concerts.


Students may pass off objectives at the beginning of class, during scheduled objective pass-off days, and before school by appointment.

All performance material must be performed with characteristic tone quality, correct notes, correct rhythms, dynamics, phrasing, and articulations.

Preparation must be clearly evident! Failure to pass off material will require a minimum of one day to practice the assignment before another attempt can be made.

If you don’t pass, don’t fret! Keep practicing and try again!