Grading Policy

Middle School Grading Policy

Zoom Lesson Participation 20%

Weekly Practice Journals 20%

Video/SmartMusic Submissions 40%

Trimester Projects 20%

Zoom Lesson Participation: (weekly grade)

  • Be on time for class.
  • Keep video on unless instructed otherwise.
  • Use your real name on all Zoom sessions.
  • Follow directions for chat.
  • Mute yourself while others are speaking.
  • Be prepared with instrument and music.
  • Be attentive and exhibit good conduct and a positive attitude.

Weekly Practice Journals: (weekly grade)

  • Thoughtfully fill out practice journal and submit the google form by the due date each week.
  • Late submissions will lose points. Once the journal for the next week is posted, you can no longer submit the one from the previous week.
  • Individual lesson sign ups will be added to this category. Each week you sign up for an individual lesson, points will be added here.

Video/SmartMusic Submissions: (weekly grade)

Each week there will be an assignment due, and they will vary depending on the week and what we are doing in class. Here are the main types of assignments that could be due in a given week:

  • Video Submission - Similar to last spring, you will be asked to record yourself playing a musical excerpt and then submitting for a grade.
  • SmartMusic Submission - A new program that we will be exploring this year. Method books and band music will be here, and you will be asked to make recordings directly into the program.

Trimester Projects:

  • Each trimester you will be assigned a long term project to complete. Options for these projects include but are not limited to: composing a music composition, writing a music history paper, critiquing a musical performance, etc.
  • More information will be provided during class and ample time will be given to complete. Projects will be due around the end of each trimester.

Conduct Grade:

  • Follow all proper guidelines of Zoom etiquette
  • Be respectful to teacher and other students
  • Score of 3 means you are doing what you should be doing
  • Score of 4 means you have gone above and beyond what is expected
  • Score below 3 means that there is something that needs to be worked on, and you will receive a warning from me in advance.