General Information

K-2 Music

K-2 students will be focusing on the fundamentals of music, such as beat, rhythm, melody, dynamics, tempo, articulations, harmony, and more. The goal in these grades is to provide the foundation for which to build the instrumental program that follows into middle school. In addition to the theoretical aspects of music, we will also focus on performance/creation, by singing songs, body percussion, and practicing with found/made instruments from home. We also will explore music history by studying composers from different time periods and places around the world.

3rd-4th Grade Music

In 3rd grade, we start the year by reviewing all the major concepts previously learned and then really reinforcing learning how to read music notation. By January, students should be comfortable reading notes from the treble clef. At this time, they will begin their journey in learning how to play the recorder! In 4th grade, students start the year off with recorder and advance on the notes, rhythms, level of music, and more that they learned from the previous year. In both 3rd and 4th grade, we explore music creation and history as well.

Beginner Band

Starting in September, all 4th graders choose an instrument and learn to play by taking lessons once a week. The lessons are based on the following schedule:

Mondays – Flutes and percussion

Tuesdays – Saxophones

Wednesdays – Clarinets

Thursdays – Brass

These lesson groups can change from time to time, but generally this is how it will be.

Starting in January, Beginner Band will meet as a full ensemble on Friday mornings. They will still have their normal lesson as well, so at this point they will be bringing their band instrument to school two times a week.