Music History Madness



Music History Madness is one of the Pathways that you can choose to work on for music class each trimester. The idea behind this is simple. You will need to write a paper and create a presentation that you will share with the class. There are no deadlines, but the grade doesn’t count until you share with the class, so make sure you are careful with timing at the end of a trimester.


    1. Minimum of 2 page paper (double spaced, 12pt. font)
    2. A Google slide presentation
    3. A musical example for the class to listen to (can also be performed live)
    4. 5 minute presentation to class

You will have the freedom to choose and research anything in the field of Music History that you find to be interesting. You do need to check with me before starting a project. There will be no repeats in a class, so if there is a topic that you really want to do, make sure you claim it.

You can research musicians throughout history, but you can also research time periods such as baroque, classical, romantic, modern. You can research cultures throughout the world. You can research a specific instrument. You can even research a particular song and analyze it. The field is wide open; just don’t forget to check with me! I am also happy to give you any ideas if you need help.