Concert Band Expectations

Concert Band Expectations

1. Set-up your instrument and make sure you have a pencil. Percussionists make sure you have all sticks, mallets, and any instruments you need ready for the entire rehearsal.

2. Get your classroom Band Folder from the back of the room (red for 5/6, black for 7/8).

3. Get Standard of Excellence Method Book if needed (check board).

4. Warm-up individually until conductor comes to front of room.

5. Be respectful to the conductor and others during the rehearsal.

Respect = better quality = more fun.

6. Keep music organized during rehearsal – (warm-up songs on left, band music on right)

7. Before you leave, put music folder back in its proper slot and method books back on shelf in front of room.

8. Put your instrument away and put it back in the proper spot on the racks in the hallway.

9. If you have a job, make sure you complete your tasks before leaving.