Leadership Opportunities

Job Descriptions:

Secretary – Takes attendance during lessons and band rehearsal. Will also work with librarian to help with band music. Must have neat handwriting.

Librarian – Helps pass out and organize music. Keeps track of people who need music/book. Helps put new music in band folders and assists with photocopies. Also will help to build the band music library. (requires time outside of class)

Folder Monitor – Assists with passing out folders before class. Checks that all folders are put back in their proper spots at the end of class. 5th/6th grade have red folders. 7th/8th grade have black folders. Report if notice that a folder is missing.

Hall Monitor – Before class begins, checks to see if any instrument cases are in the middle of the hallway or blocking doors. At end of class, checks to make sure all cases are placed in their proper spots on the racks.

Public Relations Rep – Helps Mr. G with making program and posters for concerts/events. Artistic and/or computer skills needed to help design posters. (requires time outside of class)

Technician – Assists in passing out laptops before class. Makes sure all laptops are put away and plugged in properly at the end of class. Helps with computer updates and organization (requires time outside of class).